Important. For applicable user fee information see the Instructions for Form 8802. Additional request see instructions Electronic payment confirmation no. Cat. No. 10003D Form 8802 Rev. 11-2018 Page 2 Was the applicant required to file a U.S. tax form for the tax period s on which certification will be based Yes. If certification is for the current calendar year or a year for which a tax return is not yet required to be filed a penalties of perjury statement from Table 2 of the instructions...
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Who needs a Form 8802?

The 8802 application form is required in order to obtain a Form 6166 or certification of US Tax Residency. It is usually used to claim tax benefits. The IRS must certify that the person claiming benefits is a resident of the US.   

What is Form 8802 for?

Form 8802, application for United States Residency Certification, is the first step to obtaining a certification of US Tax Residency. The latter allows you to obtain tax benefits.

Is Form 8802 accompanied by other forms?

You should attach all of the required documents to the Electronic Payment IRS Form 8802, especially if you are not a US resident. The applicant must send a check or money order to cover the fee along with the form itself.  

When is IRS Form 8802 due?

You should send your application with a check or money order 45 days before the date you need Form 6166.

How do I fill out IRS 8802 Form online?

The applicant should provide the following information:

  • Applicant’s name

  • Applicant’s TIN or EIN

  • Applicant’s address during the calendar year

  • Address where the Form 6166 should be sent

  • Appointee information

  • Applicant’s status (individual, partnership, trust, estate, corporation, S corporation, employee benefit plan/trust, exempt organization, disregarded entity, nominee applicant

  • Information about previous tax forms

  • Calendar year for which the certification is requested

  • Tax period on which certification will be based

  • Purpose of certification (income tax, VAT, other)

  • Information about penalties

  • Signature and date of filing (along with spouse’s signature if necessary)

Where do I send 8802 Form?

Form 8802, along with a check or money order should be sent to IRS, Philadelphia, PA 19176-6052. If the applicant pays the fee by e-payment, the form should be sent to Department of the Treasury, Philadelphia, PA 19176-6052.

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Hey its tax crips time from tax mom calm today tax mama here is from Amelia in the tack scripts form with an interesting situation Amelia and her husband are US citizens working in Peru her husband is taking a temporary assignment in Mexico and needs to prepare a form 8802 and they're confused about some of the rules and wouldn't you believe it but IRS doesn't offer any clearer guidance well Amelia it's interesting I've never seen this form 8802 before so thank you for the introduction looking at the fourth page there is a place or code from Mexico there isn't one for Peru where you're currently residing in my key my the North Carolina tax pro explains that the US doesn't have a tax treaty with Peru Mike provides a detailed explanation about this certification process now looking at the instructions on Form 8802 for the form 1116 which is the foreign tax credit yes it's pretty clear that the question about being entitled to the foreign tax credit is a general question IRS just wants to know that as an American taxpayer you really are entitled to that credit so give them as much paper as they can possibly have Mike explains that you need to provide documentation to demonstrate you are not taxed as Peruvian residents but rather is US residents on the income tax by Peru for which you're claiming the foreign tax credit on the form 1116 and that's what you're going to need to provide to the IRS as an attachment to this form 8802 when it comes to explanations use tabs to identify each set of documents and a table of contents that describes each one usually that helps other time some bureaucrat gets his or her hands on it doesn't even read the docs and sends a request for the documents that are already there I don't know why but remember you can find answers to all kinds of questions about foreign tax considerations and other tax issues where where else attacks