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Important. For applicable user fee information see the Instructions for Form 8802. Additional request see instructions Electronic payment confirmation no. Cat. No. 10003D Form 8802 Rev. 11-2018 Page 2 Was the applicant required to file a U.S. tax form for the tax period s on which certification will be based Yes. If certification is for the current calendar year or a year for which a tax return is not yet required to be filed a penalties of perjury statement from Table 2 of the instructions...
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Comments and Help with application for us residency certification

Who needs a Form 8802?

The 8802 application form is required in order to obtain a Form 6166 or certification of US Tax Residency. It is usually used to claim tax benefits. The IRS must certify that the person claiming benefits is a resident of the US.   

What is Form 8802 for?

Form 8802, application for United States Residency Certification, is the first step to obtaining a certification of US Tax Residency. The latter allows you to obtain tax benefits.

Is Form 8802 accompanied by other forms?

You should attach all of the required documents to the Electronic Payment IRS Form 8802, especially if you are not a US resident. The applicant must send a check or money order to cover the fee along with the form itself.  

When is IRS Form 8802 due?

You should send your application with a check or money order 45 days before the date you need Form 6166.

How do I fill out IRS 8802 Form online?

The applicant should provide the following information:

  • Applicant’s name

  • Applicant’s TIN or EIN

  • Applicant’s address during the calendar year

  • Address where the Form 6166 should be sent

  • Appointee information

  • Applicant’s status (individual, partnership, trust, estate, corporation, S corporation, employee benefit plan/trust, exempt organization, disregarded entity, nominee applicant

  • Information about previous tax forms

  • Calendar year for which the certification is requested

  • Tax period on which certification will be based

  • Purpose of certification (income tax, VAT, other)

  • Information about penalties

  • Signature and date of filing (along with spouse’s signature if necessary)

Where do I send 8802 Form?

Form 8802, along with a check or money order should be sent to IRS, Philadelphia, PA 19176-6052. If the applicant pays the fee by e-payment, the form should be sent to Department of the Treasury, Philadelphia, PA 19176-6052.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 8802 instructions 2020
Instructions and Help about form 8802 mailing address
hi in this video we'll go through how to fill out I RS form 8802 which is to request a certification for us residency for tax purposes you'll need this form so that you can prove that you are a US taxpayer we'll go through these instructions as though you or a single taxpayer who filed in April as an individual if those circumstances do not match your circumstances please send me an email and I can help you with your situation first of all you can find this form and the instructions to fill it out on the IRS website we'll go through the form itself first and then talk about payment at the end of the process so first you're gonna go to irsgov and in the search bar at the top of the page you can just type in 8802 and hit enter that will bring you to this results page and you want the third link down for the actual form and that second link will give you a PDF file that explains all of the parts of the form and the different options that you have so if you want to see where the information in this video came from you can look at that PDF and see where or why I'm telling you the things that I'm telling you so go ahead and click on form 8802 and it'll open up and look like this so again we're gonna talk about payment at the end that first bar at the top there where it says electronic payment confirmation number we'll come back to that but you want to go ahead and fill in your information so in applicants name you put in your full name including your middle and last names if you have multiple names you want to put in the entire legal name that you have there in the next box where it says applicants US taxpayer identification number that's gonna be your social security number the only reason that it wouldn't be would be if you maybe have like a tax guy that used a different ID number but for most people it's your social we're gonna go ahead and skip the next two boxes but if you are married and you filed a joint return then you would put in your spouse's name your spouse's taxpayer ID and if you're filing also to get a form for tax residency for your spouse then you check that box but for most of us that's not the case so we'll go on to line one you only need to put anything in this line if you have legally changed your name or social security number since the last time you filed taxes most people will leave line one blank in line two you're going to enter the address you used on your most recent tax filing they want you to include the country your zip code if you live in an apartment the apartment number everything next we'll go on to line three in line in 3a you're gonna put where you would like that tax residency form to be mailed as well as any sort of notification mailing that they send you so they'll send you a letter when they've received your form and they start processing it and if they need to notify you about any problem sometimes they'll mail...